We recently released an update to our desktop player page - available to nugs.net subscribers at play.nugs.net 

The new player has a an optimized user experience with a fresh UI and a number of feature updates including:

-Adds 'Continue Listening' and 'Trending for You' to Home page of desktop player

-Syncs 'Followed' Artists and 'Favorite Shows' with the nugs mobile app (in the My Library section of the desktop player)

-Improved Artists Landing Page (with ability to Follow artist, see recent releases, browse by year, etc.)

-Adds 'Reviews' tab and 'Add Review' functionality to desktop

-Adds 'Watch' section consolidating all videos (archival and subscriber exclusive livestreams) into 1 section

-Adds 'shuffle' option to Playlists

-Improved Search and Recommendations functionality

-Bug fixes: Show restarts after ending, 


Use the 'My Library' section of the desktop player to access your Playlists, Favorited shows and Followed Artists

Coming soon:

-nugs radio

-Browse Videos by Artist

-'Recent Releases' of Followed Artists

-Improved Playlists Management and sharing

For more information SEE HERE