Starting in 2017 Phish ticket codes are redeemable to unlock a free stream of the show in the My Stash on your LivePhish mobile app - available for free from iTunes and Google. A subscription is not required to stream your redeemed or purchased shows. 

The app can now scan your ticket barcode right from your phone to unlock the show in your Stash. You can start listening as soon as the show is posted which is usually before you are even out of the venue. 

If you want to UPGRADE your code to Lossless or HD Downloads or CDs for a discounted price you must redeem your code on the website.  Redeeming it on the website will still unlock the show in your Stash on the LivePhish app.

Free MP3 downloads are still available for any ticket codes from Fall Tour 2010 to MSG 2016. You can also scan them to redeem directly from your app.