DSD is a very high resolution audio format, higher than CD quality and in some cases higher quality than other HD download formats like FLAC-HD and ALAC-HD. DSD stands for Direct Stream Digital, which is a method of converting analog sound to the digital domain. DSD downloads are available here with a ".dsf" file extension. Note that DSD Downloads will not play in iTunes or on any iOS devices. To enjoy the high resolution audio delivered in DSD, you will need a Digital Audio Converter (DAC) that natively supports DSD. Some software players will convert DSD to a playable format on your Mac or PC even if your DAC does not support DSD.

Here are some recommendations for listening to DSD Downloads:

  1. Various DSD DACs are available here
  2. For MacOS: Decibel natively plays DSD files in .dsf format
  3. For Windows: JRiver natively plays DSD files in .dsf format
  4. For more information, please read the excellent DSD FAQ at DSD-Guide.com