All Metallica 2018/19 Fall/Winter Tour tickets are redeemable to unlock a free MP3 download of your show. After redeeming your code, from your computer access the My Downloads section on to start your downloads.

To unlock the MP3 download, scan your ticket barcodes right from your phone using from your mobile browser - or enter the code manually. You can download the show as soon as it has been posted - usually about 3-5 days after the shows. To upgrade to Lossless, HD or CD for a discounted price enter your code on the website: Redeeming on the site will offer the free MP3s and/or upgrades.

Only Metallica concert tickets from WorldWired Tour Fall/Winter 2018/19 have a unique barcode redeemable for a free audio stream. Previous tour tickets are not redeemable.

Tickets to festivals or benefits where Metallica performs, including ACL, etc. are not valid for free downloads.

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