The price of each show is based on format, length and costs associated with delivering the content to you. Most shows are available in various formats/sizes:

- MP3 (256 kpbs) plays on most players and devices.

- FLAC (lossless) requires conversion using free conversion tools to play in most players or for CD burning.

- ALAC (lossless) native to iTunes, can be played or CDs burned without any separate conversion.
- FLAC-HD (24 Bit / 48 kHz)  High fidelity recording can be played through DVD player or home theatre with conversion.

- ALAC-HD (24 Bit / 48 kHz)  High fidelity recording, native to iTunes, can be played through DVD player or home theatre.

CD - professionally printed and duplicated on high-quality CDRs and packaged in cardboard slipcases with custom artwork.